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Cost Per Mile Calculator


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cost per mile calculator

cost per mile calculator – MileCharter Mileage

MileCharter Mileage Calculator Software (MapPoint Add On)
MileCharter Mileage Calculator Software (MapPoint Add On)
MileCharter calculates mileage charts and tables with Microsoft MapPoint. It can calculate tables for serving customers and suppliers, or to create “road atlas” tables. MileCharter can output route distances, travel times and/or estimated costs to an Excel spreadsheet; and supports ALL MapPoint routing options including fastest/shortest/preferred-roads/straight-line routes, road speeds, and avoid polygons. Both geographic editions (North America and Europe) of MapPoint 2002, 2004, and 2006 are supported. With the ability to batch process thousands of routes, the calculation of large mileage charts becomes practical. The rate table feature allows the simultaneous calculation of route costs. “Per mile” rates can be defined for specific distance intervals, or a fixed cost assigned to an interval (eg. for delivery charges). Microsoft Excel and Microsoft MapPoint 2002, 2004 or 2006 are required (not included). New Features MileCharter v2.0 adds the capability to write to text files (instead of Excel); to pause and restart processing runs; and to only find the closest destinations that meet specific criteria. The pause/restart even works if your PC has been switched off between pausing a run, and restarting! The new “closest destinations” functionality is particularly powerful. It can be used to ask MileCharter to produce tables along the lines of “For each of my customers, return the three closest sales offices that are also within 20 miles”.

The $ 3.90 revised break down for a gallon of gasoline

The $ 3.90 revised break down for a gallon of gasoline
Okay so for all of you gasoline sensitive and conscious minded folks in all of the United States who are out there and who are reading this now on Flicker.

By what is now my current and my present observation and estimation and calculation. The value and the cost passed onto us now for a gallon of gasoline here at least in the state of Ohio is now about $ 3.90 and rising.

So what all of this means to you and to me is for that one gallon of gasoline at what is a unit cost of what is $ 3.90 per gallon.

You can divide and break down that unit cost of that gallon down into about 25 miles traveled for one gallon on your automobile.

I know that some cars vary in their consumption of a gallon of gas and their mileage.

And the cost of a gallon of gasoline at a unit price of $ 3.90 per gallon when it is divided down into about 25 miles traveled for just one gallon comes to about what is 15 point six cents per mile traveled.

So that means that you and me and just about everyone else are consuming and burning away about 15 cents or possibly more per mile for every mile for which is traveled in our automobiles.

Whether we are driving down to the store for a loaf of bread or driving across the country. I believe my math is correct and I welcome someone to point out any mathematical error should they detect it.

So then we are spending about 15 cents per mile for every mile traveled in our automobiles. And this of course naturally assumes that the $ 3.90 cost of gasoline will stay fixed at around $ 3.90 for a gallon.

And I am just making a rough guess estimation here. I am imagining that most cars can get about 350 miles traveled on a full tank right down to an empty tank.

So the cost of 15 cents per mile times when you have a full tank multiplied by 350 miles traveled from full to empty comes to a cost of about $ 52.50.

Most gas tank seem to have about 16 cubic square volume gallons to them. So the cost of a gallon of gasoline at about $ 3.90 times about 16 gallons comes to about $ 62.40 to fill an average tank.

So then the cost of $ 62.40 to fill up your 16 gallon tank, divided down into .15 cents per mile, comes to 416 miles traveled from full to empty. Be sure and let me know what you think. Go ahead and do the math on your calculator and tell me if you think this is wrong.

Miles Canyon in Spring

Miles Canyon in Spring
The plural of crocus can be either "crocuses" or "croci", and there are lots of them on the dry, south-facing grassy slopes now that the snow has melted. These ones were obstructing the view of the Miles Canyon footbridge across the Yukon River near Whitehorse 🙂 The river has a deep emerald blue-green colour here, especially in the spring, a perfect contrast for the wild croci.
cost per mile calculator

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